Trimmers Rulebook v1.1

1. Safety

    1. Helmets

Occupants will wear a full face helmet or motocross style helmet at all times while operating a Trimmer. No year expiration.

    1. Clothing

Occupants will wear long pants (not sweats), or fire suit. Gloves and boots are recommended. Sandals are not permitted. Drivers must wear shoes with reasonable protection/coverage.

    1. Fire Extinguishers

Each trimmer will be required to have at least a single 1lb or larger fire extinguisher securely affixed to its body in a way that can be accessed easily and quickly (quick detach mount, for example. Bungee cord, so on).

    1. Kill switch

Kill switches are not required, however are strongly recommended.

    1. Alcohol

No alcohol consumption will be tolerated in the name of safety/good taste.

  1. Trimmer Vehicle
    1. Mower blade/deck

Mower deck and mower blades MUST be removed. This is mandatory.

    1. Motor/Trans

Mower motor and trans must remain STOCK. You may swap in another OEM unmodified motor and/or trans from another production lawn mower, however performance modifications are forbidden. Pulleys and gear adjustments/changes are not permitted.

    1. Tires are open. If you can fit them/turn them, you can run them. This ranges from
      light truck tires all the way down to skateboard wheels. Tracks also permitted.
      Tire modification is allowed, from grooving all the way to tire chains/wheel weights.

2.4 Suspension

Suspension design/application is completely open.

2.5 Body

Body modification is allowed so long as the Trimmer remains recognizable on some level as a lawn mower and original branding can be found on the body.

All Trimmers must have a visible number on the body.

2.6 Chassis

Trimmer must begin/end as a production lawn mower. No custom tube frames. Wheelbase modification allowed within 6” of stock from the original OEM chassis.

2.6.1 Styles

The Trimmer must have originally been designed and sold commercially to mow lawns. This excludes larger farm tractors. Trimmer must be one that is intended to be sat on in the traditional sense. Zero turn mowers are not permitted.

    1. Bumpers/skids/protection/lighting/add-ons

Bumpers, skid plates, and other forms of protective additions to improve the survivability of the Trimmer is permitted. Leg bars are encouraged. (driver protection). NO SHARP POINTS.

    1. Steering is open.

2.9 Drivetrain

Differentials may be locked, and is highly recommended/encouraged. 4WD Trimmers are NOT permitted. 2WD only. Must have functioning brakes. Belts may be upgraded to chains if desired.

3. The spirit of the rules of King of the Trimmers is to have a good time. People looking to take advantage of rule oversights and gray areas to make their vehicle far beyond what is obviously intended will ruin the spirit and fun in a hurry. We ask that all competitors remain honest with their entries as these rules are set in place to create a fun safe environment for all, and because we don’t want to create a serious tech environment. It is for everyone to enjoy. It is not meant to be taken overly serious or as something “officially official”. Above all it must remain safe.

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